IBS? Coeliac? Gluten Free? Weight loss? Read on…

Alicia MoltzenNutrition with Alicia Moltzen, (Food 4 Health Nutrition), Bachelor of Applied Science, Masters in Human Nutrition, Nutrition Society of Australia Member.

I am a nutritionist with an aim to help my clients live a healthier, happier and symptom-free life. Healthy eating is a fundamental part of good health and nutrition advice can benefit everybody.

Many common health problems can be prevented or alleviated with a healthy and nutritious diet. Nutrition advice can range from healthy eating to management of specific conditions and diseases. I have significant research experience, which enables me to provide my patients with scientifically proven strategies to manage specific conditions and to give them the most recent advice available.

Whilst I am able to help with all nutrition requirements, my area of expertise lies in the management and control of gastrointestinal disorders such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Coeliac Disease. I myself have Coeliac Disease and I am involved in the research area of the department of gastroenterology at Monash University examining dietary therapy for irritable bowel syndrome and fructose, sorbitol and lactose malabsorption. Therefore, I can offer the latest advice with respect to these conditions.

What nutrition advice can be offered in a session…

• Symptom management for Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
• Gluten free dietary advice and symptom management for Coeliac Disease.
• Dietary Management for type 1 and 2 diabetes.
• Sports nutrition advice.
• Weight loss and management.
• Healthy Eating for adults.
• Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies.
• Pregnancy dietary advice including appropriate weight gain and morning sickness management.
• High blood pressure.
• High Cholesterol.

The above list are the main areas of nutrition that I can offer advice on. However, if you have an issue that is not on the above list please feel free to contact me to discuss as I have many resources at my disposal and may indeed be able to help you. If not, I can always refer you onto a specialist or colleague.

How the session/s will be carried out…

I will ask you to inform me of the reason you are coming in to see me for nutrition/dietary advice and I will get you to complete a 7 day food, activity and symptom diary before you arrive for your initial appointment. This will help me to be able to give you the most education and benefit out of your session with me.

For your initial appointment I allow one hour for us to discuss you and how I can help you as well as to educate you where necessary and provide you with any printed information for you to take home.

When required I will also see you for a review appointment so that we can work through any issues together along the way. You will also be able to contact me via email/phone in between appointments should you have any urgent issues. If you have been referred to me from a practitioner I will make sure to send information to them to inform them of any strategies or approaches we have discussed to managing any issues.

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2 Responses to IBS? Coeliac? Gluten Free? Weight loss? Read on…

  1. Alicia, I am contacting you from Sydney and I would like your opinion on the best brand in Australia for Probiotics,, Digestive Enzymes and Systemic Enzymes. My Husband has been flaring with Crohn”s since December and his Gastro wants to put him on Imuran, which he doesnt want to do. He follows SCD and has a restricted carb diet but nothing is helping at the moment. I am hoping for advice about supplements but as you know it is a minefield out there for information that is accurate and truthful so I am hoping you can help.

  2. Chris says:

    Hi Jena,

    Thank you for your query. I’d be happy to give you my opinion on the matter.

    Diet is one way to help control symptoms of Crohn’s disease but as it is an auto-immune condition it is also about much more than just controlling symptoms. In this way nutritionists and doctors must work together to control both symptoms and physiological effects of the condition. Active disease may be monitored by symptoms however the main treatment should be aimed at getting inflammation under control which can only be done with medications which are immunomodulators like Imuran. Diet (and probiotics) will only help with the functional symptoms that come from the inflammation – lessen diarrhoea, reduce gastrointestinal symptoms etc but it cannot fix the physiological effects of active crohn’s disease. Often symptoms in Crohn’s indicates that active disease has already started, so if the Doctor recommends the patient should continue on Imuran/other meds even if symptoms are ok then this is what I as a nutritionist would also recommend. Blood tests/colonoscopies as well as symptoms will help in assessing active disease and I would assume your doctor has already carried out to assess your husband?

    If your husband is eating pretty well and not losing a lot of weight, we do have a diet named, the low FODMAP that i would usually teach and recommend to try and help control any gastrointestinal symptoms but I would do this in combination with Imuran. I would need a consultation to teach this diet properly.

    As per your blog asking about probiotics; there is not one good one we would recommend as they can all work differently and in different people. It is usually a case of trial and error of different brands. There is not much evidence to help out with them being extremely beneficial however, myself I prefer the inner health plus acidophilus that has to be kept cold and you can get from the chemist. I find with digestive enzymes these are usually recommended by a doctor If necessary that the patient take them so you would be best to ask their advice as a script may even be needed.

    I hope this helps out.

    Kind regards

    Alicia Moltzen

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