Voice Sound Therapy 1-on-1 Consultations

With Nicky De Gruchy

Nicky De Gruchy

Nicky De Gruchy

About Nicky

Nicky has her Diploma in Voice Sound Therapy from the British Academy of Sound Therapy, BAST. She has taught singing and worked as a musician for over thirty years. 

As a Voice Sound Therapist she facilitates both group workshops and one on one sessions for clients, with conditions such as, alzheimer’s, anxiety, sleep disorders, morning sickness and palliative care.

About Sound Therapy

Sound has been used as a powerful and effective tool for helping to improve health and wellbeing for thousands of years. More recently, the advancement of new science has provided valuable support and insight to these ancient techniques.

With the BAST method research has shown (from data gathered for over 20 years from students and clients) that people experience deep relaxation, reduced anxiety and stress, improved sleep and hormonal balances in the body. This is due to sound inducing an Altered State of Consciousness, similar to meditation. During a sound bath, the brain gets a chance to experience no thought as it is focused on the Sound. The brain shifts into Theta brain waves. This wave is characterised mainly with light sleep, rapid eye movement (REM) dreams and hallucinations. The brain uses this state to exercise itself, rather like working out muscles to make them stronger and to release over all tension. In this state your brain cells reset their sodium/potassium levels. A brief period of Theta (5 to 15 min) a day will restore the ratio to normal, resulting in mental refreshment.

Sound Therapy has been used with very positive results for a wide range of illnesses such as chronic pain, depression and anxiety. Sound therapy not only helps with physical illness, it can also help balance the emotions and quieten a busy mind. Sound could also help you to reach your fullest potential and many people have enhanced their lives by working with our techniques.

Voice Sound Therapy Sessions

Voice Bath Relaxation: 1 hour $90

A voice bath treatment is a relaxing experience where a combination of tonal sounds and over tone sounds are sung with chimes and percussion to gently bath your body and induce  deep relaxation. Voice Sound Therapy is helpful for reduced anxiety, improved sleep, hormonal imbalances, relaxation, chronic pain and depression.

 Therapeutic Voice Bath: 1 1/2 hours $120

A Therapeutic voice bath is the same as the Relaxation voice bath and combines sound with reflection which takes us deeper into our personal healing journey. 


A very new and amazing area of healing I have never experienced, powerful. Thanks so much Nicky…. Bec

I walked out a totally different person, relaxed and unblocked…. Cheryl

I came away with a welcome sense of internal harmony that everything is okay. Thats saying alot as I was feeling very grief stricken before hand!…. Emma

An amazing experience. I felt relaxed, a lightness and an overall general release of energy.… Kim

It was deeply mediative. It gave me this feeling quickly. I only get this deep state of relaxation when Ive done a long yoga and meditation class. When we started I had a lot on my mind and after a while it wasn’t their. I felt tingling in my body…. Simone

Voice Sound Therapy 1-on-1 Consultations Now Available at Island Healing. Call 5956 7886 for b0okings.

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