What is Rolfing?

As written in broken English by Mexican Rolfer Mario…


A manipulation of connective tissue (FASCIA) that helps give better performance from our system.

Have resulted in several benefits in each session:
Best ENERGY, increases BREATHING CAPACITY, FREE blocks, giving you LIGHTWEIGHT throughout your body.

It also helps give you a NEW posture and ORGANIZED. in all aspects ; PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL AND ESTHETIC POSITION.

Removes all types of PAIN and CHANGE BAD postures , also Traumas such as car accidents, falls, surgery and sport injuries can also lead to stiffness and pain in the muscles and joints. Rolfing is widely regarded as being one of the best ways of dealing with such problems. Because the body is better balanced after Rolfing, it expends less energy against gravity.

In 2007 because of an accident surfing in Tahiti, I saw the need to travel d 8 countries, searching posture and trying different treatments (with the best therapists) and none worked for me, was when I recommended Structural Integration, therapy I in Bali with the Rolfer Jeffrey Bones and that’s where take the full treatment, and outcome of the 10 sessions of Rolf therapy, method invented by Dr. Ida Rolf, I leave you surprised me both physically and psychologically , aesthetic and emotional.

Structural Integration fix my posture problems also caused by the accident posture and until today have not returned, in addition to feel comfortable in my body that I had never experienced, changes were impressive from one session to another but really noticeable when I finish treatment

Following this event I became interested in learning this technique.

For that I had to check THERAPY ROLF had the same amazing results as it was

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in me, invite friends of all ages to experience it including my sister and my mother with back problems for over 10 years without any hope posture and confirm that each worked equally, completely changing their body structure and way of living.

My new challenge was to learn in the best school The Guild Structural Integration and Becoming a ROLFER
Thanks to the experience and knowledge of body movement

I had in teach dance, I was accepted by The Guild Structural Integration was then that I began my training

in Boulder Colorado posture and depues in Hawaii with globally recognized best Rolfer Emmett Hutchins .

In 2008 this discipline changed my life professional dancer to be Therapist to know how wonderful posture in the human body and what each human being can change.

I have had the great opportunity to raise awareness of this therapy in over 20 countries and had the honor to be with the great Indian spiritual

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leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in his school Art of Living in Bangalore, India.

And that’s how I named it Therapy Body Alignment

with the techniques learned throughout my life …

My greatest achievement is to provide, deliver and share this therapy, helping people to feel more confident posture and comfortable in your body, reflecting better health and more energy in your daily life in all aspects.

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