Five Home Remedies for Anxiety

August 11, 2014

Whether you have experienced occasional moments of panic, or are debilitated with anxiety on a daily basis, here are five easy remedies you can try right now at home…

  1. Lavender – one of my favourites!

From your garden – grab a bunch of lavender flowers from your garden, crush the petals in your hands. This breaks the oil glands of the plant, releasing the essential oils. Simply inhale the essence for an instant anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effect.

Lavender flowers (fresh or dried) can also be made into a tea by steeping them in hot water for 15 minutes before straining and drinking.

Alternatively, pick up a small bottle of pure lavender oil from your chemist or health food store…

Inhalation of this essential oil has calming, sedative activity on the mind…

Add a few drops to an oil burner, for a sustained effect.

To aid sleep, add a few drops onto your pillowslip.

One drop rubbed directly onto sore muscles has a muscle relaxant effect.

(Note. Not all essential oils can be directly put on the skin)

  1. Remember to BREATHE

My favourite quick anxiety-relief technique is:

Close your eyes. Place your hands on your belly, inhale into that area slowly and deeply, hold for 3-5 seconds, and then breathe out slowly, releasing all tension.

  1. Think!

Thoughts turn into emotions. Positive thinking is essential. Turn that frown upside down by shifting negative thoughts patterns into positive ones.

Hear yourself saying ‘I can’t’?

Even if you don’t quite believe it, say ‘I can’

‘I can do this’,

‘I can succeed’,

I will be calm now’,

‘I am safe’…

Positive affirmations can help.

Look into the mirror and say ‘I am peace, I am calm, I am clear’.

‘Fake it till you make it’ if you have to.

Practising positive thinking will soon reflect in a happier, calmer mind.

  1. Chamomile tea – a traditional remedy for nervousness and tension.

You can use chamomile from your garden, or buy a quality tea from your health food store.

Steep in hot water for 15 minutes before straining and drinking.

  1. Eat well, eat often

Eating five small meals a day, around every three hours helps stabilise your blood sugar levels.

Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels reduces the fight or flight response involved in anxiety.

Choose wholesome foods that are unrefined and unprocessed.

Some foods that both assist in blood sugar regulation and are beneficial in anxiety include porridge, oily fish such as salmon and sardines, and raw nuts & seeds.

Anxiety can be scary, and so can be getting help. I hope you find these home remedies helpful on your path to calm, happiness and health.