New Chiropractor on Phillip Island at Island Healing

Island Healing is proud to introduce you to Dr. Matt Gheller.

Matt is available for Chiropractic at Island Healing on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Matt practices a range of chiropractic techniques with a keen focus on rehabilitation including: 

– Manual Therapy techniques (such as Diversified Chiropractic);
– Lowforce techniques (such as Drop Piece, Blocking & Activator); and
– Active and Passive muscular release techniques.

His areas of specialization are: 

– Shoulders and Knees and the kinetic chain surrounding these structures; and
– Spinal health stimulation of the nervous system.

Matt completed his Chiropractic studies [Bachelor of Health Science and Bachelor of Applied Science (Chiropractic)] at RMIT, class of 2017.

Range of Experience treating: 

– Headaches & Migraines;
– Neck pain;
– Rib pain;
– Back pain or injury (Low, Mid & herniated disc injury, with and without radiations);
– Shoulder & upper arm injuries;
– Repetitive strain injury (RSI);
– Upper limb injuries (arm);
– Lower limb injuries (knee & leg);
– Soft tissue and sports injuries;
– Rehab for chronic and acute injuries.

For bookings and enquiries call Island Healing on 5956 7886 or call Matt on 0401 249 468.