Holistic Counselling

Sometimes on our life journey we feel stuck.. we detour off our path...unsure  of our way forward.. in need of tools that enable us to re-navigate.  Every person experiences the ups and downs of life and can benefit from a safe and neutral space to share their emotions and gain new perspectives.. sometimes thats all it takes to get the ball rolling again. We often need to venture within and face our deepest darkest corners so that we can resolve the conflicts that have gathered in there.

Holistic Counselling opens and explores the mind, body and soul, when addressing a particular life issue. Using a variety of contemporary counselling practices and energetic healing techniques, this approach will allow the opportunity to see outside your everyday patterns, so that new perspectives come through in regards to how you see yourself and the world around you. You will leave the sesssion feeling centred, grounded and empowered to make positive changes & shift repetitive patterns in your life.

For more information regarding this treatment please contact Holly Uhlich directly: holly.tevita@gmail.com / #0404 203 957 www.tevitahealing.com