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Island Healing’s personal training sessions are private and affordable.

Island Healing’s personal trainers are available for one-on-one private personal training sessions. Our entire fitness studio space is completely private which means that you get to train outside of the typical ‘busy gym’ environment. During your session you get to enjoy space, privacy, and the comfort of knowing that no members of the general public  are sharing the studio with you.

Our expert and compassionate trainers will tailor a program that meets your unique training goals. You get to choose the intensity of your program whilst drawing on the expert advice of your personal trainer. Depending on what you like to do, your trainer can build a range of activities into your regime. You can try anything from kickboxing, bodybuilding, kettlebells, tabata, TRX, rings, core, intervals, plyometrics, boxing, athletics and more.

What our client's are saying...

“My personal training sessions with Elaine have been simply amazing for my body and my confidence. I opted for the 20 Pack Package which comes with a free pass for unlimited group fitness. I love training in such a beautiful environment and at such an affordable price.”

Mel of Phillip Island

 Personal Training Packages

One Session – $60

Lacking the motivation to get fit? Then personal training is for you! This is a one-off hour long session that will give you a taste for getting fit and healthy with the support of a trainer.

10 Personal Training Sessions – $550

Enjoyed your first session? This package will keep you firmly on the path to achieving your health and fitness goals. Buy in bulk and save!

20 Personal Training Sessions – $1,000 (Great Value)

After value for your money? This package comes with a FREE GROUP FITNESS MEMBERSHIP which entitles you to all classes on our group fitness timetable.

Benefits of Personal Training At Island Healing

Most people who seek a personal trainer are looking to feel slimmer and target specific areas of the body. The personal trainers at Island Healing will help you facilitate expedient body-fat reduction (weight loss), sculpting of the entire body, and body contouring, which will in turn improve your body structure, posture, strength and flexibility.

Our trainers are committed to a mind, body, soul approach which involves helping you overcome psychological barriers (or blocks) that have been thwarting your ability to hit your ultimate health-related goals. We will guide you through every step in the sometimes challenging proposition of moving your body and getting fit.

Should I Opt For A Male or Female Personal Trainer?

It is entirely your choice whether you would prefer a female or male trainer. No matter your choice, you rest assured that each of our trainers are friendly, professional, and respectful of your personal space and fitness goals.