Tone your tummy, hips and thighs. Strengthen your core. Manage back issues. Pilates with Virginia Baxter.

In ten sessions you will feel the difference, in twenty you will see the difference, in 30 you will have a whole new body!

Pilates: Exercises For Proper Body Toning

Stretch and strengthen your core, tone and reshape your body. Pilates is more than a series of low impact floor exercises, Pilates is a workout! Whether you want to target your hips and butt, or strengthen your lower back and abdominals, Pilates tones your whole body!

With a strong core, Pilates helps prevent back, hip and neck pain, and assists rehabilitation of most musculoskeletal injuries.

Classes are run Monday's 6.00pm, Wednesday's 6.00pm and Saturday's 9.30am. No bookings required, bring your own Pilates mat or if you don’t have one bring a towel to lay over ours, which are free to hire!

What our client's are saying...

“Since starting Pilates I have learnt that you don’t have to go the gym to get good results. Pilates has toned my body and improved my fitness”

- Deb of Phillip Island

Consistancy is the key to feeling and seeing the results. At Island Healing we have four different sessions per week to bring you up to speed and maintain your fitness. Class groups vary in size and our friendly, passionate instructors create a positive learning environment.

Weekly Pilates Timetable:

Monday's: 6.00pm

Wednesday's: 6.00pm

Saturday's: 9.30am

Pilates Pricing:

Casual Visit: $18 (Concession: $15).
5 Pack: $80 (Concession: $70).
10 Pack: $150 (Concession: $130).